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  • 1947 NFTW

    1947, when AT&T forced a strike of nearly 300,000 workers — and then broke it by playing dirty. Workers didn't roll over. They fought back by forming the Communications Workers of America.

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Why We Wear Red

In 1989 along with many of our Union brothers and sisters across the country, CWA was on strike against NYNEX. This strike was successful in providing the language which assured us all the work in the outside plant associated with the fiber network. It was a long 18-day strike but we stood strong and we still enjoy many of the protections that we achieved during that strike. The Company looks at a strike as 'business as usual' and in a very impersonal manner, but this is our livelihood and it affects not just us but our families as well. A strike is never easy and it is always our last resort to protect our future.

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