AT&T Bargaining Updates

at&t bargaining 2015

UPDATE: May 14, 2015.  CWA bargaining teams reached tentative three-year agreements at AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy. The tentative agreements provide for wage increases, pension safeguards, improvements in job security and other gains, resulting in real economic improvement and an increase in workers' standard of living. Contract details are being provided to CWA members for ratification votes.


Bargaining with AT&T Begins March 4th.  

  • We’re fighting for the jobs of the future.
  • We’re fighting for fair wages.
  • We’re fighting for affordable health care.
  • We’re fighting for retirement security for current and future retirees.
  • We’re fighting for respect on the job.

AT&T is one of the most profitable companies in America. It’s time they stop pleading poverty and give their employees the contract we deserve. We will all mobilize to demand what is right.

Join the fight, mobilize for FAIRNESS.
Keep informed. Go to


April 9th President David Barthel and Vice-President Mike Nguyen will be on site at AT&T from 11:30 and 1:30 in the lunch room to answer questions regarding the contract.

The hall will be open Saturday April 11th starting at 6pm as the contract expires at midnight.

CWA Sick Pay Rally

Telecommunications & Technologies Office

The Telecommunications & Technologies Office is the new name for the newly-merged Communications & Technologies and Telecommunications offices, as a result of the continuing work on Resolution One, Ready for the Future. The new office is proud to continue the traditions associated with each of the previous sectors. The office has responsibility for ADT, Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T (Legacy T), Avaya, CenturyLink, Frontier, OFS (Atlanta & Sturbridge), and Windstream.


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