AT&T Mobility

New members learn what Unity means


After a Unity@Mobility training in District 7, Susie Johnson was surprised and deeply moved to hear from one of the newly inducted members she'd trained, RJ Roomes.

RJ, a business service representative in Bloomington, MN (Local 7200), reached out to let her to say how much he'd learned from the training session. He said: "Knowing they fight for time off, vacation and medical really says a lot." In his note, RJ said that because of everything he learned in the training session, he's going to continue supporting Unity@Mobility to the fullest — and make sure all his friends and coworkers know about our union.

In that spirit, think about how U@M has empowered you, on the job and off, and take a moment to thank your fellow members who make a difference in your life!



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