CenturyLink Health and Life Benefits


CenturyLink Benefit Overview



 Health Care and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts and your Commuter Spending Account through a link to Your Spending Account (YSA) Web site.


View Your Retirement Plan Account 401(k) 


 Old Qwest QSIP 401(k)


Pension information is available with a new look and enhanced retirement planning tools

You may speak to a CenturyLink Service Center representative by calling 1-800-729-7526 and following the phone prompts.

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Ill less than 8 days?

CenturyLinknews3When an occupational employee's illness continues, company policy dictates that the manager notifies Qwest Disability Services (QDS) on the fourth consecutive day of an employee's absence to trigger the Short-Term Disability and/or FMLA process. Absences of more than three days that do not qualify for STD may still qualify for protection under FMLA.

The employee is also required to contact QDS on the fourth calendar day of illness.

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