Premium Payments

Section 4.3

 Absence due to Jury Duty will be included in the calculation of premiums.

Section 4.5  

 The 49 hour Premium is now split into 2 new Sections – a new 49 – 55 hour voluntary overtime premium and a 49 hour (or more) premium for mandatory overtime.

Those who volunteer to work overtime will be paid time and one-half for the 49th through the 55th hour. The premium for mandatory overtime from the 49th hour on remains at the double time rate.

An employee who volunteers to work overtime can "un-volunteer" but must do so a minimum of 24 hours in advance. The Company will consider circumstances beyond the employee's control for less than 24 hour notice.

Time worked under Section 4.7 Sunday Premium (time worked on Sundays), Section 4.8 Holiday Premium and Section 4.9 Christmas Eve/New Year's Eve Premium will now be excluded for the calculation of either the 40th or 49th hour premiums.

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Safety Footwear


January 15, 2014

TO: All Local Presidents Representing Legacy Qwest Technicians
FROM: Reed Roberts, Assistant to the Vice President CWA District 7
SUBJECT: Safety Footwear

Since the Agreement was ratified we have continued to have issue after issue in terms of many of the changes that the employer has implemented.

Overtime, both accurate coding and payment, is an issue. Even the simple question as to whether or not people are entitled to request a printed copy of the contract (you are) has received contradictory answers.

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