Union Code Of Conduct

At a time when corporations are asking workers to DO MORE WITH LESS RESOURCES and STRESS IS INCREASING in our workplace, we need to be careful not to participate in the disciplinary action taken against our co-workers.

CWA Local 7200 members are being fired and suspended by management who have received evidence from union members; evidence such as, what was said in a conversation with others that appeared inappropriate.

When you hear of inappropriate behavior or have workplace conflicts, please consider addressing these concerns directly with the individual responsible in a calm manner and if necessary, consider using a union representative in an effort to problem solve the situation before management gets involved.


1. Participate in disciplinary action against bargaining unit members

2. Complain about union members in front of management

3. Circumvent the contract

4. Circumvent the grievance procedure

5. Support or encourage job elimination

6. Discuss union business in front of our with management

7. Negotiate contract changes individually with management

8. Engage in sexual harassment or discrimination against any group


1. Insist on Union Representation in all meetings that could result in discipline

2. Document any information that may be used against a member by management (Who, What, When, Where, Why, etc.)

3. Display, if possible, loyalty and solidarity with other union members at all times

4. If necessary, have a meeting without management present to resolve conflict involving union members (consider using a Union Representative to facilitate the meeting)