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Forgive My Student Debt

student debtIt’s called Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

If you work in the public service, a little-known government program called “Public Service Loan Forgiveness” could allow you to have all of your direct federal student loans forgiven, tax-free. Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) isn’t a payment plan, like Income-Based Repayment or Pay As You Earn; it’s a separate program that incentivizes a career in the public service.

Check out our new website ForgiveMyStudentDebt.org, which provides detailed information about the existing but low-profile programs that exist to reduce monthly payments and even forgive outstanding debt!

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Minnesota AFL-CIO 2014 convention


Local 7200 sent a full delagation: Christina, Nick - AT&T; Susie - AT&T Mobility; Dan, Gary, Justin, Linda, Sharon, Tom - CenturyLink; John - RMC; along with Mona Meyer - CWA MN State Council to join hundreds of other brothers & sisters representing unions from all across Minnesota. We gathered to celebrate victories and discuss our challenges at the Minnesota AFL-CIO convention themed, Winning for Working Families.

Check out covererage from Workday Minnesota.

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