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Retiree Health Care Incorrect Letter

Health Care 2015 (R-11)

District 7 has received several calls regarding a letter that our retirees received from CenturyLink stating that our Medicare retirees were unable to use their HRA dollars for out of pockets expenses and that any money left in the account at the end of the year would not rollover. This information was sent to our retirees in error and CenturyLink will send out a corrected letter.

Our Medicare Retirees can use their HRA dollars for out of pocket expenses and their HRA dollars will rollover to 2015.

On another topic, our Pre-1991 Retirees were sent information that would allow them to move from their guaranteed PPO policy and choose to go to a United Health Care Medical Exchange. There was a question on last week's Retiree conference call, "if a retiree went to the Exchange in 2015 can they revert back to the PPO in the 2016 Open Enrollment?" The answer is "YES." They can revert back to the PPO if they find that the Exchange does not work for them, but not until the next Open Enrollment.

Legacy Qwest Retiree Health Care


August 7, 2014

TO: All District 7 Retiree Chapters
FROM: Jay Boyle, CWA District 7 Staff. Brenda Roberts, Administrative Director to the Vice President. Reed Roberts, Assistant to the Vice President
: Legacy Qwest Retiree Health Care

We have been informed by CenturyLink that under the terms of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) any company that employs 50 or more people is required to provide "affordable" healthcare. The law also requires that Company's using contractors that employ 50 or more require the contractor to provide healthcare, otherwise the company utilizing the contractor could become liable to do so. We understand that CenturyLink took steps last year to renegotiate all contracts with their U.S. Vendors and Contractors to require them to provide affordable health care to their employees who perform work for CenturyLink business. They did not renew their contracts with and will not use contractors who will not provide ACA-complaint health care to their employees.

Accordingly, retirees of CenturyLink (including its Qwest subsidiary) cannot be actively employed by the Company in any of its entities, or be a contractor performing work for CenturyLink and remain on Retiree Health Care since they have another option available from a current employer. For those retirees who work for Qwest (dba CenturyLink) in an Incidental or part-time classification, their retiree healthcare stops and they are eligible for coverage under the active healthcare plan. In such cases, the amount of the premium depends on whether the individual works more than or less than, 30 hours per week. 

We are aware of at least one retiree who was notified that he must comply with these terms and waive his retiree health care while he is working for a Contractor preforming work for CenturyLink.



Qwest/CenturyLink Retiree Health Care Telephone Town Hall

Thousands of Qwest/ Centurylink retirees from across the country gathered to discuss the health care changes for retirees in the latest CWA/Centurylink contract.

UPDATE: Attached is the Q&A from the Medicare Exchange conference calls and meetings with the Locals and Medicare-eligible retirees. This information has also been posted on the District 7 website on the Home page and the Retiree page under articles.