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You are the Union


Most union members feel the "Union" is the "Executive Board" (the people who "run" the Union). This couldn't be further from the truth. The "Union" is YOU.

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CWA History

CWA was founded in 1938 at meetings in Chicago and New Orleans. First known as the National Federation of Telephone Workers, the union became the Communications Workers of America in 1947. CWA got its start in the telephone industry, but today it represents workers in all areas of communications, as well as in health care and public service, customer service and many other fields.

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Democracy in our ranks

As CWA members, we belong to a local union located where we live and work.

The work of our local unions is determined by us, CWA members. Local union programs and services are led and coordinated by our local union officers who we elect.

As CWA members, we elect local union delegates to our union's national convention. The delegates we elect form our union's highest governing body. The CWA convention has the final authority over our union's budget, policies, programs, and dues structure.

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